Please note we are closed for in-person dining until Feb 15th, 2022. Reduced take-out options still available!

Our Chefs Philosophy

In Tune with Nature

Our Cuisine is in tune with nature and our Sea to Fork, Farm to Table approach. - it interprets the concept of ‘nature’s generosity’ by celebrating the trilogy of fish, vegetables, and Livestock. A meal curation more in tune with nature and better for your health. At Huckleberry we showcase great produce. Locally sourced and seasonally relevant. Kind to the planet around us. Sustainable fishing, exclusively grown vegetables from our restaurant garden. This is healthy and natural food, prepared to perfection.

Embody a sense of Discovery

When we curate an epicurean experience, as a team we question a lot and step outside the comfort of Serving fine food “picturesque” that doesn’t taste nice. Flirting with transgression to raise questions about birth discovery and creativity, searching for answers no matter how awkward, the need to develop critical awareness and discover new horizons. We want to shake up your preconceptions, feed your curiosity, satisfy the hunger of risk, tickle your sense of humour, jog your memory, and get a reaction. We want to challenge your certainties, play with your contradictions, and show you ours.