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Environmental Consciousness

In keeping with our ethos, we have prioritized nurturing and protecting Bermuda's fragile island environment.

Following is an outline of our efforts to date to help minimize the impact that our operations have on the environment.

Our Menu

  • Bermuda's largest Organic / Biodiverse Wine List 
  • 'Ethic Ocean' Certification for sustainably caught fish (
  • World Ocean Day participant - promoting local & sustainable fishing
  • In House Triple Filtered Water - Removes over 10,000 water bottles from waste stream
  • HB Kitchen Garden - Fresh Herbs & Edible Flowers
  • Rosedon Garden - Fresh Vegetables & Flowers
  • Owners Gardens - Fresh Herbs, Flowers & Vegetables
  • Family Orchard - Fresh Citrus, Bananas and assorted fruit
  • HB Apiary - Fresh Raw Bermuda honey, supports Bermuda’s Pollinators 
  • Prioritize local farmers & fishermen with sustainable practices

Environmental Practices

  • Solar Hot Water - Reduced energy consumption 
  • Biodegradable Containers - Safe for landfill (No Styrofoam!)
  • Glass Crusher - Reduces glass to sand used as substrate in our lawns and gardens
  • Composting of food waste - soil amendment our gardens
  • Energy Efficient Appliances - Energy Star Rated
  • Fair Trade & Organic Purchasing prioritized
  • Trip Advisor certification as a 'Green Leader'

If you would like to learn more &/or partner in our environmentally conscious approach, please contact us!