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Socially Responsible

We believe that any company, regardless of size, positively impacts their community by being socially responsible. We are deeply connected to Bermuda’s welfare, and support organizations that fund projects and nonprofits related to food, education, social justice, the local economy, and the environment. Some of the organizations we commit time and funds to include Keep Bermuda Beautiful, Bermuda Community Foundation, Eliza DoLittle Society, Salvation Army.

In addition to the community at large, we are dedicated to being responsible employers by ensuring that HB employees make a living wage, have access to health insurance and pensions and that our 

Our dedication to the environment began in 2004 with a comprehensive recycling program. W&S’s composting program, implemented in 2005, became the inspiration and model for many other high-end independent restaurants in Asheville. We are also proud to say that Corner Kitchen is green certified. Last but not least, we always strive to partner with local farmers, makers, and producers to contribute to a circular economy.