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Curbside Pick Up

Pick Up Instructions

When placing your order you will be required to select a date and time for pickup. There will be a box for "Pickup Instructions"; please include details of your vehicle including car make, color and model to help our staff identify you on arrival.

You will receive an order confirmation email / text when your order is received; this will include confirmation of the date and time you have selected for pickup. All of our curbside service is made on a 'contact free' basis; we respectfully request that you remain in your vehicle and maintain social distancing requirements.

What Happens If I’m unable to keep my appointment?

When you place your order, we request that you select a time that is convenient for you and when you will be able to collect your order.

In the rare event that you will not make the specified pick up time, please contact us and request a revised pick up time. We will do our best to accommodate changes, but in the interest of other guests we cannot guarantee availability.